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tiffany jewelry outlet
But if he ever had reason to be dissatisfied with the decision of that House; if he ever thought a motion of the first tiffany and co outlet importance to the honour and dignity of tiffany on sale the House required a reconsideration, it was the motion for the Dehli papers; and that, because the decision the House had come to when they negatived it, had proved a decision in the teeth of the resolutions just read, and in defiance of every sound and solid argument advanced in support of those resolutions.It was, therefore, for no light or trivial purpose that he again begged the House, for the sake of its dignity, for the sake of its own honoor, for the sake of national justice and national character, to reconsider what they had decided upon, and, before they confirmed a denial of the Dehli papers,which denial, it appeared to him, they could not confirm, tiffany and co outlet
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tiffany and co outletwithout loading themselves with disgrace and impeaching their own honour and dignityto weigh well what they were about, to reflect a little 011 the frivolous point of view in which such an illjudged confirmation would place their own resolutions, and the effect which it must necessarily have upon the tiffany outlet conduct of the company's servants in India. He begged them also to recollect, that in passing the resolutions of the 28th of May, 1782, they had held out to the country powers of India a Code of wise, tiffany & co outlet wholesome, and salutary laws, as the basis tiffany jewelry outlet of the conduct of the British government in India in future; and that the House had, in fact, pledged itself to adhere to tiffany and co outlet the letter and spirit of their own resolutions.These were surely great and important considerations, considerations which ought to have a deep effect on the minds of gentlemen before they gave a vote, which must involve in it so many and such interesting consequences. Some persons had supposed that our government and constitution were attended by certain disadvantages with respect to their intercourse with foreign states, arising from the public manner in which many important parts of our administration must necessarily be conducted


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