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That the entries in the journal of the House, of the 28th day of May, 1782, of the six resolutions reported from the committee of the whole House, to whom it was referred to consider farther of the several reports which had been made from the committee of secrecy, relating to the afikirs of the East India company, and which were then agreed to by the House, might be read." tiffany jewelry outletAnd the same tiffany outlet were read accordingly, as follows:That the orders of the court of directors of the East India company, which have conveyed to their servants abroad a prohibitory condemnation of all schemes of conquest and enlargement of dominion, by prescribing certain rules and boundaries for the operation of their military force, and enjoining a strict adherence to a system of defence upon the principle of the treaty of Illahabad, were founded no less in wisdom and policy than in justice and tiffany & co outlet moderation."That every transgression of those tiffany and co outlet orders, without evident necessity,tiffany and co outlet
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tiffany and co outlet by any of the several British governments in tiffany on sale India, has been highly reprehensible, and has tended, in a chief degree, to weaken the force and influence, and to diminish the resources, of the company in those parts."That every interference, as a party, in the domestic or national quarrels of the countiy powers, and all new engagements with them in offensive alliance, have been wisely and providently forbidden by the company in their commands to their administrations in India.1That every unnecessary or avoidable deviation from those well advised rules should be followed with very severe reprehension and punishment tiffany and co outlet for it, as an instance of wilful disobedience of orders, and as tending to disturb and destroy that state of tranquillity and peace with all their neighbours, the preservation of which has been recommended as the first principle of policy to the British government in India."


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