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tiffany & co outlet
Mr. Pitt refused to comply with the motion, as tending tiffany outlet to affect the tiffany & co outlet policy of India, by opening the secrets of negotiations in that country, which the peace and tranquillity of Hindostan rendered absolutely necessary should remain undivulged. After a short debate the motion was rejected, on a division, by 88 against 34. tiffany and co outlet A motion being immediately afterwards made for" a copy of a letter from Maior James tiffany jewelry outletBrown to Warren Hastings, Esq. governor general of Fort William, dated from Delhi, on the 30th of December 1783; also copies of two letters from Warren Hastings, Esq. to the court of directors of the East India company, dated the 30th of April and 16th of June 1784,"Mi\ Fox rose and remarked, that if the papers stated iu the question were refused, there was an end tiffany and co outlet of asking for papers,tiffany and co outlet
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tiffany and co outlet however material to the prosecution those papers might be, and however free from any imputation of being dangerous or likely to affect the policy of India. He could not believe, however, that his majesty's minister would go the length of refusing the three letters in question. If he did, what a shameful fact would it establish 1 For would it not then appear in broad and striking colours, that a right honourable and learned gentleman had persuaded that House to vote a number of strong resolutions, to not one of which he meant that they should ever give force and efficacy ? Of the papers now called for, tiffany on sale the House could already perceive the tendency, since, in the preceding debate, they hail heard the most material passages read and argued on. They must, therefore, be aware, that no harm whatever could arise from making them public: he and his friends had duplicates of them already in their possession, and were perfectly masters of their contents. In refusing to let them formally belaid upon the table, the other side of the House would stand without excuse.


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