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That the maintenance of an inviolable character for moderation, good faith, and scrupulous regard to treaty, ought to have been the simple grounds on which the British government should have endeavoured to establish an influence superior to that of other Europeans over the minds of the native powers in India; and that the danger and discredit arising from the forfeiture of this preeminence, could not be compensated by the temporary success of any plan of violence or injustice."That as tiffany outlet tiffany and co outlet an essential failure in the executive conduct of the supreme council, or presidencies, would make them justly liable to the most serious animadversions of their superiors, so should any relaxation, without sufficient cause, in these principles of good government, on the part of the directors themselves, bring upon tem, in a heavier degree, tiffany and co outlet
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tiffany and co outletthe resentment of the legislative power of their country, which alone can interpose an effectual correction to the general misrule. That it appears, that the government general had been previously in possession of a letter from the duan of tiffany jewelry outletthe rajah of Berar, containing overtures for mediation for peace and alliance with the peshwa; and that this material information was wholly suppressed by them in their dispatches to the court of directors; but tiffany and co outlet a copy of it was sent, by the same conveyance, to the private agent of Mr. Hastings; and that, thus neglecting to make immediate communication to the court of directors of such important intelligence, the government general appear to have failed in an essential part of their duty."These Resolutions having been read,Mr. Fox rose and observed, that he was perfectly convinced, that, previously to all endeavours for the successful introduction of a motion for papers, effectually and substantially, although perhaps not formally similar to that which, during the course tiffany on sale of a preceding debate, received the investigation, andwith concern he spoke it suffered under the dissent of the House, an apology was due to them upon the principle tiffany & co outlet that it must always prove indecent frivolously to trespass upon their attention.


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