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these families

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these families
We ought not, however, to forget, that these families or genera are created by ourselves, in order to assist the understanding ; and that, is we cannot comprehend the real connections of natural objects, it is our own fault, and no defect in nature, which knows nothing of those pretended families, and which, in fact, has only made individuals. An individual is a detached being, which has nothing in common with other beings,, except that it resembles, or rather differs, from them. All the similar individuals which exist upon this earth are considered as composing the species of these individuals. It is not, however, the collective number of individuals, but their constant succession and renovation which constitute their species." tiffany and co outlet These are the ingenious paradoxes of a man, who combined all tiffany sale the sportiveness of an tiffany outlet exuberant fancy with a profound and comprehensive understanding, and from whose invaluable works on natural history, a more intimate knowledge of the economy, habits, and propensities of disferent animals may be acquired, than from all the systematic writers taken and co outlet
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Happy would it have been, however, for the enamoured student of nature, had Buffon grafted his beautisul descriptions and delineations on the correct and regular tiffany jewelry outlet system of Linnus. The study of animated nature would, by such an union, have acquired many additional attractions and advantages. From the longcontinued labours of Pennant in the ample sield of natural history, the student, whether British or foreign, will derive much useful information and instruction. Whatever he touchedS he improved, though his manner KATUHAL HISTORY. J I manner is peculiar: and, True Religion Outlet as he investigated all the classes of animals, and made us acquainted with the zoology of our own country in particular, tiffany & co outlet it would be unpardonable in us not to present our readers with a synopsis of his scheme. As our work is designed for the use of English youth, we shall retain his trivial names, though not his mode of classisication. This able and diligent naturalist, who has furnished the world with one of the most accurate and satisfactory systems of quadrupeds, perhaps, that ever appeared, divides them into hoofed, digitated, pinnated, and winged


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