carded by another, spun by a third

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carded by another, spun by a third

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carded by another, spun by a third

Bless the works of our hands, and bless our learning. Keep us from the power of the devil, and suffer not any evil accidents to befal us. warn us tnaniuui Hearts ior an mv mercies, ana wnen it sn&ii oe tnv freed pleasure to remove us from tne tana oi tne uviner. receive us into tnv Pieasea lunflraom. tnrou&rn jesus v;nrist our aaviour. who hath taught us to pray, Our Father, &c.'Fleeces were sent to the " Hall." and were picked by one set. carded by another, spun by a third, and at last knitted into stockings, or made mto hearthrugs, carnagemats. and other useful articles. These were eagerly purchased at a low pnce. and afforded a premium on the labour of MBT Shoes the children, and helped to pay the expences of their education and clothing. When we remember the extreme destitution MBT Shoes UK of the greater part of England at that period, it is impossible to read the following account of some of these proceedings at Hawkstone MBT without interest. " Monday, says Mr. Brian Hill m his description of Industry Hall. " is the day of examination, when the children are catechised and the rewards distributed. The names of the scholars are put down upon a slate, and marked for every day's absence and every fault; these again are noted in the black book, which is brought out on the annual festival, known among the children by the name of the big day. when the prizes for good behaviour are distnbuted, according to the number of marks. Sunday evening, after the Church service is over, is appropnated dunng the months of May, June, July, and August, to reading the Holy Scriptures, and giving such a plain, practical exposition of them, as may be suitable to the capacities of the young and unlearned. The portion of God s words usually selected upon this occasion, is the second lesson for the evening service, after which a sermon is read: and from the regulanty of attendance, as well as from the order and decency which are always preserved, it is presumed that the neighbours are persuaded they cannot spend an hour on a Sabbath evening in a more profitable manner.


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