I was only a canary

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I was only a canary

Post  shuizhuy on Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:21 am

I was only a canary

he kept up! You actually innocent change of position!" I blushed, then smiled: "That He shot can be generous? willing to refuse to buy you a set of Swarovski Luo Shiqi furnishings used Coach Outlet Online to decorate the whole house? "" looks pretty! I envy you! how can it ever be so naive? "She touched my cheek, love and sympathy. I'm embarrassed! . She actually laughed at me again and again innocent, I think I suffered a Coach Factory Outlet lot, so Xinrusihui it! "But now I want to actually catch some of the things in the hands of everything! Once I'd really like you that little crystal display. Every time I go your house, must love the touch Youmo. How many times in Coach Diaper Bag Outlet dreams there has, as a house, but immediately after waking up trouble for three meals a day. I'm disappointed so many times! gradually no longer worrying about! "I am sad! Do not know how to comfort her to do. Fortunately, she said: "Do not just say that I am! With me about your Prince Charming!." Prince Charming? I laughed: "There is a man willing to send a castle to me, you be considered a Prince Charming?" "Ah?" Wang Hui heart called out: "Where is Prince Charming! Is simply God!" "No! Only the devil would lie said 'hand over the soul, I will satisfy all your wishes'. "I laughed. "If someone is willing to give me a castle, I'd rather sell my soul." Wang Hui heart smile. "You know what! He said he would like a little princess's pet me! I do not believe, difficult, he said, 'then you get a castle to me'. He is a beast to Disney toy store to buy the castle back to coax me happy. "I sigh. "Willing to put in some effort this way, he loves you enough to count." "He is now no longer remember who I am!" I think Zhengjie Sen, sometimes pains. "Now who would believe that forever? At least he loved you." Is not! When did you start to become so greedy? Junior, the most appreciated piece of fairy tale brave little mermaid. To the sake of the beloved prince, would rather turn into bubbles rose, and forever calm to meet the fatal sun, we also smile, heart blessing. Actually, I can not. I want to be Sleeping Beauty, sleeping a hundred years, wake up,


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