One hundred and twenty

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One hundred and twenty

Post  icefireaa on Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:05 am

One hundred and twenty One hundred and twenty gallons of ge nuine gin, as obtained from the wholesali manufactories, are usually made up by frau dulent retailers into a saleable commodity with fourteen gallons of water and twenty six pounds of sugar. Now this dilution o the liquor produces MBT Shoes Clearance a turbidness; becausi the oil of juniper and other flavouring sub Stances which the spirit holds in solution become precipitated by virtue of the water and thus cause tory burch flats the liquor to assume an opa line colour: and the spirit thus weakened cannot readily be rendered clear again by subsidence.Several expedients are had recourse to, to clarify the liquor in an expeditious manner; some of which are harmless ; others are criminal, because they render the liquor poisonous. One of the tory burch saleMBT the alum, by virtue of the subcarbonate pf potash, acts as a strainer upon the MBT Shoes milky liquor, and carries dowA with it the finely divided oily matter which produces the blue tory burch shoes colour of the diluted liquor. Roach, or Ron Get from your distiller an emy puncheon or tory burch outlet cask, which will contain about gallons. Then take a cask of clear rectified spirits, gallons, of the usual strength as rectifyers sell their goods at; put the gallons of spirits into your empty cask." Then take a quarter of an ounce of oil of vitriol, half an ounce of oil of almond's, r quarter of an ounce of oil of turpentine, one ounce of oil of juniper berries, half a pint of spirit of wine, and half a pound of lump sugar.


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