Her search for the raft was at first fruitless

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Her search for the raft was at first fruitless

Post  cora521 on Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:03 am

Her search for the raft was at first fruitless
"All were affected to see our miserable condiŽtion:
Birkenstocks ten out Birkenstock Outlet of the fifteen were scarcely able to move: the skin was stripped off our limbs, our eyes were sunk, our beards long, and we were in the most emaciated condition. As soon as we had been discovered, they prepared some excellent broth for us, and mixed in it some wine, to recruit our exhausted strength. Our wounds were dressed; and, in short, we received every attention which our miserable state reŽquired. Some became delirious; but the care of the surgeon, and the kind attention of every one on board, soon wrought in us the most faŽvorable change."The Argus, as has been already mentioned, had been, after some delay, sent from Senegal, with instructions to afford assistance to the crews of the boats, and afterward to look for the raft. In her course she had become aware that the crews in the boats had been saved, and had rendered them some succor while coasting the desert., and after cruising about for a number of days, she had turned helm to proceed to Senegal. It was while returning that the party on the raft had seen and lost sight of her. Having reached to within forty leagues of the river, the wind veered to the south-west, and the captain said that he would steer for a short time in that direction; he tacked accordingly, and was standing toward the raft for about two hours, when those on board descried the vessel on the horixon. This change of course, as we have seen, saved the fifteen unfortunate beings, who at the time did not Birkenstock Sandals expect they could hold out four-and-twenty hours longer; for the last two days had been spent without food, and only a small quantity of wine was left. As soon as Birkenstock Shoes the party was removed to the Argus, that vessel steered for Senegal, which it reached next Birkenstock day. In the evening it moored close to the shore, and on the following morning, the 19th July, anchored in the roads of St. Louis.Thus were fifteen, all who remained alive out of a hundred and fifty individuals left on the wreck, rescued from the death which seemed to await them. Of the fifteen, five died in a short time of the injuries they had sustained; and the remainder carried on their wounded and emaciated bodies the lasting effects of their protracted and most miserable sufferings on the raft. THE WRECK.


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