The eighth day passed night came

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The eighth day passed night came

Post  cora521 on Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:00 am

The eighth day passed night came

and still no friendly sail rose on the horizon. Then came the ninth day with its aggravated hunger, and thirst, and wretchedness. While hope was sunk in the feelings of the unhappy party, the eyes of all were Birkenstock Outlet startled on seeing a butterfly, of a kind common in France, fly over their heads and settle on the sail of the raft. This trifling inci¬dent once more raised a bright gleam of hope; the butterfly was accepted as a harbinger of Birkenstock Shoes de¬liverance, and was taken under the protection of the forlorn group. On the succeeding days more butterflies visited them, and gave rise to the belief that the land could far distant. While cheering with new hopes, these insects also roused the party to fresh exertions. " We had recourse," says M. Correard, " to every ex¬pedient which might Birkenstocks lessen the miseries of our situation. We detached some planks from the raft, and made a sort of platform, on which we might lie down; this raised us above the water, which had always been from one to two feet above the surface of the raft; the waves, how¬ever, still washed over ns at intervals, and fre¬quently covered us completely. Here we en¬deavored to beguile the time, by recounting Birkenstock our different adventures. Lavillette related the va¬rious scenes he had passed through, which were indeed extraordinary; but none, he said, had brought with them such suffering from fatigue and privation as those we now endured.'" Our situation was now most distressing: the waves, which almost constantly washed Birkenstock Sandals over us, caused intolerable pain; and our excessive thirst, which we felt was increased by the intense heat of a tropical sun. To relieve this thirst we tried several expedients; we bathed our hands, faces, and even hair in salt water, and some even drank considerable quantities of it. One means of slaking our thirst was never thought of by us, though it has often been adopted by persons in our situation with great success.


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