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Post  skechers on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:56 pm

This provesThis proves, that although, if both accurately levelled, the difference between a wildfowl gun and a small gun is not so very considerable, at a single bird; yet, from the immense circle, which the large gun spreads, you have more chances of killing with an indifferent aim ; and, of course, in a flock (as before said), would kill many more birds at a shot.
At the same time, an opportunity was taken to prove the advantage of shot lying compact; viz. MBT Shoes after loading the double gun with a full charge of powder, and placing within the muzzle a round of pasteboard, jimmy choo shoes I put thereon forty-five grains of No. 7 shot, shook them all into one tier on the wadding, and, after having laid on them an¬other round of pasteboard, carefully rammed down all together:—the result was, that, at thirty yards, twenty grains were well distributed in a newspaper.
For shooting in windy weather, and killing birds that would dive at a flash, there can be no question as to the superiority of detonating duck guns.
In MBT Shoes Clearance loading a duck gun, the farther you wish to reach a flock of birds, the more powder and the less shot you must put; because you may often make good a few random shots into flocks of wildfowl, by putting a considerably larger measure of powder than of shot; when by the usual mode of loading, you might only hear the shot rattle on the wings of many, without bring¬ing down a single bird.
To conclude this subject, it need only be ob¬served, that the same directions as those before given will hold good for the choice, care, and cleaning of duck guns. They MBT cannot, however,
be made to balance quite so well as guns on a small construction, without an unmanageable quantity of lead; and, in these, the scrollguard may be used, to prevent the right hand from being driven against the face, in the jimmy choo uggs event of a recoil; but, if jimmy choo they should have been loaded some time, it is best to loosen the charge of shot, which, otherwise, would be felt severely.


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