“Husain is from me, and I am from Husain”

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“Husain is from me, and I am from Husain”

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O Allah, send blessings on Mohammad and his Ahlul Bayt
O Allah, become, now and always, the Guardian, Shield, and Leader; Helper, Guide, and Protector;
of Your wali (representative), Al-Hujjat-ibn-Al-Hasan (Your blessings be on him and his forefathers)
so that he may become firmly established on Your earth, and govern for a long time.
Our Holy Prophet (SAW) said:
“Husain is from me, and I am from Husain”
In other words, Imam Husain (AS) is Rasool-Allah’s flesh and blood, and the message of
Rasool-Allah (SAW), the existence of Islam is ONLY due to Imam Husain (AS).
The goal of this year’s series of speeches by the students of ALI School
is Husain Shanaasi, that is to enhance our understanding of Imam Husain (AS)
under the guidance of this Hadees of Rasool-Allah (SAW).
These speeches are available on the ALI School website.
09-zainab-imam.doc Page 2 ALI Moharram 2008
Moharram 9: The Night of Ashura
Zainab Imam
Umar Sad mounted his horse, occupied a place in front of his army and said: "O riders of Allah!
Mount, and be it known to you that your place is in Paradise". Strangely enough, this is the
same expression which was uttered by the Holy Prophet in a battle when he invited his
companions to defend Islam.
As the army grew nearer Imam Husain (as) asked Hazrat Abbas to go and see what new
development had taken place.
Hazrat Abbas approached the enemy army accompanied by twenty horse-men, and enquired
from them about the reason for their sudden attack. They replied: "We have received orders
from our Amir that either you should surrender immediately or we should fight against you".
Hazrat Abbas said: "Don't be in a hurry. Let me go to the Imam and inform him of the
situation". While Hazrat Abbas went and informed Imam Husain (as), his companions
remained in front of the enemy forces. Imam Husain (as) said to his brother: "Go back to them
and obtain an extension of time from them till tomorrow morning, so that tonight we may offer
prayers to Allah (swt).” They granted relief to the Imam and his companions till the following
morning. Imam Husain took advantage of this short opportunity and prepared himself for
Imam Husain called his companions after sunset and addressed them. He knew very well that
he could not agree to surrender and take the oath of allegiance. He also knew that the enemy
would not leave him alone and the matter would not be settled without fighting. In these
circumstances his martyrdom as well as that of his companions was certain. In spite of all this,
he spoke to his companions with perfect composure and confidence. He pointed out to them
that the following day was the day of martyrdom, and insisted that each one of them should
leave Karbala to go to their respective cities, because the enemies were after him only.
Imam Husain commenced his speech thus: "I thank Allah (swt) to the best of my ability and
praise Him during the time of sorrow. It is a fact that I am not aware of any companions more
faithful and honest than my companions and any relatives more righteous and kind than my
09-zainab-imam.doc Page 3 ALI Moharram 2008
relatives. May Allah (swt) grant all of you a good reward. The day of our fighting with this army
has arrived. I permit all of you to go away. You are free to depart without any restriction and
should take advantage of the darkness of night". Imam Husain (as) blew out the candles. After
a considerable amount of time he relit them and saw that no one had left. Imam Husain’s
family replied with one voice: "Should we leave to live a life after you? We pray to Allah (swt)
that the time may not come when you may be killed and we may remain alive".
Muslim bin Awsaja said: "If we withdraw our support from you and leave you alone what
excuse shall we have before Allah (swt)? I swear that I shall not leave you. I shall thrust my
spear in the chest of your enemies and shall quench the thirst of my sword with their blood.
And when there are no weapons left in my hand to fight with, I shall shower stones upon
After the meeting Imam Husain (as) and his companions prepared for the following day.
Imam Husain had brought cane and firewood to place in a ditch, which they had dug during the
night. He said, “When they march against us and fight us, we will set the wood on fire, so we
will not be open to attack from the rear. We can fight them from a single direction.” He went out
to his followers and instructed them to bring their tents close together. Imam Husain and his
companions spent the rest of the night in prayers, seeking forgiveness from Allah (swt). Imam
Husain (as) recited the following supplication:
"O' Allah, You are my trust in every sorrow and my hope in every hardship. You are truly the
bestower of every bounty, the source of every blessing and the goal of every desire. You have
guided me and shown me the significance of all matters which I face."
The night of Ashura came to an end -the night which will never come again in the history of
mankind, which ended with the preparation for martyrdom of the great personalities in the way
of Allah (swt).
The day of Ashura arrived. Imam Husain (as) made the biggest sacrifice ever witnessed by
mankind. In one day, he sacrificed his brothers, nephews, and children on the land of Karbala.
He remained patient after seeing so many shaheed in one day. Aun and Mohammed had been
martyred. Qasim was trodden to pieces. Abbas was lying on the bank of the River Furaat. Ali
Akbar's chest was torn open with a spear. By Asr time Imam Husain (as) was left alone.
Imam Husain rode his horse to a small mount, he then called out loudly:
09-zainab-imam.doc Page 4 ALI Moharram 2008
Imam Husain heard the sound of crying coming from his camp. He turned around and returned
to the tents. "Zainab, your brother is still alive. Why are you crying?" "My brother Husain, when
you called out, "IS THERE ANYONE TO HELP ME", Ali Asghar threw himself from his cradle."
Imam Husain knew what Ali Asghar was trying to say. He went to Umme Rabab. Ali Asghar
was on her lap crying while she was trying to comfort him. Imam Husain picked up Hazrat Ali
Asghar and whispered in his ear. Ali Asghar stopped crying and looked up at his father smiling.
"Umme Rabab, I am taking Ali Asghar to the battlefield with me so that I can get some water
for him."
Imam Husain carried Ali Asghar to the battlefield on the scorching sands of Karbala. He
covered Hazrat Ali Asghar with his abaa to protect him from the blazing sun. Imam Husain
walked to Yazeed’s soldiers. He held Ali Asghar high with both his hands and said: "O soldiers
of Yazeed, you feel I have offended you, but what has this little child done to you? His mother's
milk has dried up. He has not had a drop of water for three days. I ask you to give water to this
innocent little child." Not one of Yazeed’s soldiers brought any water for Ali Asghar. Imam
Husain looked at the infant and said: "My son Ali Asghar, you are a grandson of Ali, fight your
Jihad." Ali Asghar stuck his dry tongue out and moved it over his parched lips looking towards
Yazeed’s men. Ali Asghar shot a strange arrow - his dry tongue. It hit the hearts of Yazeed’s
soldiers who had children of their own. They became restless. Some started crying. They
spoke amongst themselves: "Imam Husain is saying the truth. What has this child done to us?
Why is he being punished like this? Let us give him some water." Umar Saad cried out:
"Hurmula! What are you waiting for? Silence the infant! Do you not know he is a grandson of
Ali?" Hurmula aimed an arrow at Ali Asghar. It was an arrow with three sharp heads.
The arrow flew across the desert of Karbala and went through Imam Husain's arm instantly
killing Hazrat Ali Aghar
09-zainab-imam.doc Page 5 ALI Moharram 2008
Imam Husain (as) gently pulled the arrow from Ali Asghar’s tiny neck. As blood gushed out
from his neck, a voice came from the ground: "No, Husain, do not let Ali Asghar's blood fall to
the ground, otherwise no crops will ever grow from this earth." Imam Husain looked up, as
another voice came from the sky: "No Husain, do not let the blood gush towards the sky,
otherwise, not a drop of rain will ever fall from this sky." The sky and the earth are refusing to
accept Ali Asghar's blood. Imam Husain wiped Ali Asghar's blood on his face.
He started walking towards the tents, but went back. SEVEN TIMES, Imam Husain went
forward and then turned back, Saying: "INNA LILLAHE WA INNA ELAIHE RAJEOON RIDHAN
He finally reached the tent where Bibi Rabab was standing. "Rabab, come and take Ali
Asghar." Bibi Rabab took her little infant. She hugged him and cried her heart out.
Imam Husain and Bibi Rabab walked to the back of the tents. Imam Husain dug a small grave
with his sword and placed Ali Asghar in the grave.
09-zainab-imam.doc Page 6 ALI Moharram 2008



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