plan to go for an emergency shopping

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plan to go for an emergency shopping

Post  rebagsing on Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:22 pm

You are invited by a friend to attend the wedding ceremony of her brother and you do not have anything to wear. Sounds similar, right? You go through your wardrobe a dozen times and wish you threw away all those old junkies from your Well, sadly, that is the feeling we have; after finding nothing reasonable to wear in our wardrobe, we . We have three suggestions that may help you find a nice outfit and they are:

1. Wear a sari: traditional and elegant sari can steal the show. Buy a silk or chiffon sari with light embroidery on the palu or border and intricate work on the blouse. Choose the shades of coral or teal if you are light skinned or choose darker shades if you are dark and have a little extra weight.

2. Lehnga choli: it is not necessary that only the bride may wear lehnga choli. Anyone can and it looks beautiful on any type of built. Get an A line or mermaid cut, which is the latest in fashion. Keep the embroidery and embellishments lighter and get your hair done by a professional to give you a classic look.

3. Shalwar Kameez: it is comfortable and easy to buy ready-made stuff in an emergency. Wear it with matching jewelry and a pair of shoes; and to complement your looks, have gajras along with bangles and garlands of flowers in your hair. If the wedding is in the summer, choose chiffon or cotton and for the winter season choose georgette or silk.


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