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burberry su shi also

Post  zhenjili on Fri Oct 07, 2011 9:24 pm

the ape bard Li crane, do not know didn't mean a pedestrian line

In su shi's life with the ShunNi RongKu, except his wife, his brother SuZi by given meticulous care. Love the brotherhood, "jie, more than one child from minority brother by." two people are out, although by banishing, but the younger brother su zhe patient, practice, can sometimes move in trouble. And SuShiZe a bit to be had, temperament, fantasy, [b][color=red] w w w.cheapburberrysaleoutlet.c o m[/color][/b] burberry on sale
burberry on sale the poet's feelings. In case of bad conduct, or dissatisfied with the current political situation is the dark side of society, "such as fly in the food, the spit is already", often words carelessly. Son by often advised him not to putting too seriously, "a long, like two free day" can live long. Advised him "mum". Later, SuZi proof by the imperial career than elder brother go further point. And after the age of forty in su shi's volatile, drift from magnates half has been close to the humble small collectors, had tried everything suffering. During his way to laugh at themselves: su shi also is not knowledge, but some of the untimely a SUS 'two places. The character of the life experience leading up to the differences in and out.
don't pursue political, but for political pursuit

As early as in close to hangzhou on the way, his attitude to political enthusiasm are not like that, "was his brother yue:" see events of force, lust after jun grace to return to. "two per capita think" ACTS good enough to alone, ACTS method can't on its own ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ for high because of the hills, for the next will be for
Su shi "words" is famous. Once god Pope on the emperor "said book," JiPing current events, argument is, hope to change the mind of god Pope reform, soon BianChu. At this time of SuZi was still full, big deal "line to [b][color=red]w w w.cheapburberrysaleoutlet.c o m[/color][/b] water in poor, sit up watching the clouds." on a whim, some of the poems, but it is framed to monarchs, snoop on misdemeanor charges, a lead by a sensation of "WuTaiShi case", in jail. For his tough ', from "words carelessly," and how not that the political environment, su shi also can wry smile: "the ape bard Li crane, do not know this not a pedestrian line".


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