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oviparous animals

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oviparous animals
Passing over the arrangement of animals adopted by the ancient Greek and Latin naturalists, and that of the less distinguished moderns, which have only been the fashion of a day, and consined to few admirers, we shall content ourselves at present with giving a brief analysis of the schemes of Ray, Klein, Brisson, BusTon, Pennant, and Linnus. Though in this work we shall follow the latter, as being almost universally received, it may afford some amusement and instruction to the young student in nature to trace the outline of the systems above enumerated, as they obtained great and .deserved celebrity True Religion Outlet in their time, and probably will never be quite forgotten. B 4 Ray, 8 WATURAL History. Ray, in imitation of Aristotle, divides the animal kingdom into two great classes, such as have blocd and such as have not; placing all the insect rribes in the last class. The sirst great order he subdivides into tiffany & co outlet such as respire through the lungs, and such as respire through the gills; which last evidently comprehends the tiffany jewelry outlet sishes. tiffany sale In those which breathe through the lungs, some have the heart competed of two ventricle, and others of only one. tiffany and co outlet
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The former include the cetaceous sishes, viviparous quadrupeds, and birds; the latter, the oviparous quadrupeds and serpents. Animals with two lungs, .or ventricles, are either viviparous or oviparous ; the viviparous are subdivided into aquatic, as the cetaceous sishes; and terrestrial, as the quadrupeds covered with hair. The oviparous animals with two lungs comprise the whole class of birds. The tiffany outlet exfanguious animals he divides into the larger, which are either soft as the cuttlesish, crustaceous as the lobster, or testaceous as the cockle; and are likewise univalve, bivalve, c.; and the lesser, which comprise all insects, properly so called. Our limits will not allow us to follow him, in his subdivisions into orders and families; it is but justice, however, to the memory of that eminent naturalist to observe, tiffany and co outlet that his arrangement is not only clear, methodical, and simple, but that his descriptions are comprehensive and accurate. He possessed an elegance of taste and a philosophic genius, which sensibly pervade his labours,


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