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into whole and
The hoofed quadrupeds he subdivides into whole and clovenhoofed; the digitated, into frugiserous, carnivorous, and insectivorous, regarding at the fame time the number of the canine teeth; the pinnated he distinguishes by being piscivorous and herbivorous; and the winged, including the bat tribe, by being insectivorous. The numerous class of birds he comprehends under two great natural orders, land and water fowls. The sirst he subdivides into six families, rapacious birds, pies, gallinaceous, columbine, passerine, struthious; the last into three families, clovenfooted, birds with pinnated feet, and webfooted. He desines reptiles in the following terms: " body covered either with a shell or strong hide, divided by sutures, four sinlike feet, and a short tail." Under this class he comprehends the tortoise, the frog, the lizard, the viper, and the snake kinds. Mr. Pennant makes three orders of sishes, cetaceous, cartilaginous, and bony sishes. In the subdivisions of the last order, tiffany outlet he follows the arrangement of Linnus; and, for the fake of science, we could have wished that his deviations from such a guide had been less frequent. tiffany and co outlet B 6 There 12 KATUIIAL HISTORY. tiffany and co outlet
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There is often more real glory, and certainly more utility, in beautisying and improving an established system, when generally conformable to nature and to reason, than in inventing a new one. Cruftaceous animals form a separate class, comprehending the numerous tribes of crabs, lobsters, c. Worms, in his sixth and last class, he divides into the intestine, the soft, and the testaceous. The latter includes all the numerous variety of shells, in the arrangement of which he True Religion Outlet follows the generallyreceived distinctions. Linnus, the sirst in celebrity, although the last in this order, his system tiffany sale alone being universally appealed to by other naturalists, as a standard permanent work, appeared as a systematic writer of natural history in 1735 ; and, tiffany jewelry outlet having gradually improved and enriched his scheme by indefatigable perseverance and attention, presented the twelfth edition to the public in 17667. About twentyone years after his death, however, another edition, augmented by all the recent discoveries of inquisitive naturalists and travellers, came out under the care tiffany & co outlet of professor Gimelin ; which, without materially altering the original plan and arrangement,


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