utility of the system

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utility of the system

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utility of the system
has highly contributed to the perfection and utility of the system. Linnus distributes the animal kingdom into True Religion Outlet six classes. I. Mammalia, or animals which suckle their young, including man, the quadrupeds, and the whale kind. II. Birds. III. Amphibious Animals. IV. Fishes. V. Insects. VI. Worms. In adopting the general arrangement of this illustrious enquirer into nature, yet so as not to fatigue the juvenile readers with his technical subdivisions and minute discriminations of form, we shall present a general description of each tiffany & co outlet class in succession, and then particularize some of NATURAL tiffany sale HISTORY. 1 of the most striking objects in every order. As our natural pride, however, will not permit us to rank ourselves with apes, monkies, maucaucos, tiffany and co outlet and bats, it maybe proper to give a brief account of the varieties in the human race, before we enter on the consideration of quadrupeds, and other mammalious animals. 14 NATURAL HISTORY. African as black, phlegmatic, and relaxed. This description, however, appears much too general, and it is too indesinite for application to all cafes. Another ingenious author , with a more discriminating observation, though, perhaps, too particular to be accurate, has made use of the following remarks, ia regard to the variations in colour: " Encircle," fays he, " the earth in every zone ; and, after making a few allowances, you will fee every zone marked by its distinct and characteristic colour. tiffany and co outlet
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The black prevails under the equator ; under the tropics the dark copper ; and on this side of the tropic of Cancer, to the seventieth degree of north latitude, tiffany jewelry outlet you successively discern the olive, the brown, the fair, and the sanguine complexion. Of each of these, there are several tints, or shades. Under the arctic circle, you come again to the dark hue. This general unisormity in the effect indicates tiffany outlet an influence in the climate, tbat, under thesame circumstances, will always operate in the fame manner. The apparent deviations from the laws of climate, that exist in different regions of the globe, will be found to consirm the general truth." It cannot be denied that this is in general philosophically just, as far as colour only is concerned; but complexion, though the most marked, is the least essential trait in the varieties of the human species.


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