Bishop of Calcutta

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Bishop of Calcutta

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Bishop of Calcutta

The festival is held on the first of July, when the children and their mothers are entertained with tea and rolls, immediately after which a distribution of the prizemoney lakes place, and as the rewards are adjudged by strangers. no Daruaiuv can orevau."Mr. Brian Hill was very active m his attention to this school. He was a man of elegant mind and of engaging manners; and to these attractive qualities were added the graces of true piety and warm benevolence. His residence was at the village of Weston, adjoining the park of his brother, where his memory is still cherished with the fondness it well deserves. Reginald Heber, first rector of Hodnet. and then the laborious Bishop of Calcutta, was his neighbour and intimate fnend. Whenever he had written anything new, either of poetry or prose, he generally carried it to Weston, where he was welcome at all hours, and read it to Mr. Brian Hill, of whose literary judgment he had a high opinion. This accomplished scholar passed some of his happiest hours in that way. giving full vent to those charms of conversation by which he was so eminently distinguished. The few favoured individuals, who saw him in the freedom of spirit to which MBT Shoes he abandoned himself m these social moments, describe the charm of his manner as beyond all conception. The gentleness of Mr. Brian Hill's disposition set him at perfect ease; he told his anecdotes, recited his poetry, unfolded his opinions of the events of the times, and criticised the authors of the day with an animation and frankness peculiarly his own. It was not. however, till roused by the noble project of doing the work of an evangelist in India, mat tne latent energies ot ms soui anoearea m tneir ruil power. His spirit seemed to expand under the deep impression of duty, MBT Shoes UK while it pleased God to enlighten Most probably the visitors of Sir Richard Hill, to whom he endeavoured, by means of this pleasing spectacle, to set an example ror tneir imitation.him with clearer views of doctrinal religion than he had possessed before. The prospect of becoming a MBT Missionary Bishop at once humbled and ennobled his mmd, as was evident to all who heard him utter with an unequalled pathos and dignity, the expression, " other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ Resting on this only safe basis, he went form, laoourea.


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