That the children of the poor

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That the children of the poor

Post  mtytheer on Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:31 am

That the children of the poor

He concluded his remonstrances in these wordsc I have now. as an affectionate son of my dear mother, the Church of England, faithfully delivered my own soul, and I confidently look and pray to God in the name or Jesus unrist ror ms oiessmr on tne reeoie endeavours of an ' Old Member of Parliament.' "While Sir Richard Hill was thus actively employedill wnat ne considered ms imidiic auties. lie was m tiis own domain a model of private benevolence. That the children of the poor on his MBT estate might have the advantages of religious knowledge and industrial training, he erected a building about two miles from his mansion at Hawkstone. which he called " Industry Hall." Instruction was there given in reading and work of various tones, " so as co enaoie tne nunus " to procure a livelihood, and fit them to be good and useful servants." The discipline and rewards of the institution were extremely well regulated, and each child on quitting it, received the gift of a Bible and Prayer Book, if not forfeited by misconduct. The school opened with prayer,and all possible attention was paid to sound religious teaching, as the only safe basis of instruction. The principal work done in the institution was the manufactory of wool, to which certain hours were devoted. A most efficient school is now earned on m this place, by the generous and enlightened support of Sir Rowland and .Lady Hill.xne waver was. i oeiieve. me composition oi oir jtucnara. or of his brother, the Rev. Brian Hill. It is very simple MBT Shoes UK and pious :" O almighty and most merciful Father, hear us, we beseech thee, for the sake of Jesus Christ, and grant us all chose blessings of which we stand in need from thy gracious hands. Thou art our Maker, and our MBT Shoes Preserver. Thou hast given us holy commandments, and we ought to obey thee with all our heart, and mind, and soul, and strength, and those who do not obey thee, thou hast threatened with terrible punishments. O good God, forgive us all our faults through tne merits ox tnvaearoon. ana men us irom ail wicked wavs. iviaice us remember that thou dost see all our actions, and know all our thoughts, that we may evermore serve thee in sincerity and truth.


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