renowned for their unique

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renowned for their unique

Post  bobertoel on Mon May 30, 2011 12:10 am

Following in Brad and Ang`s exalted footsteps are the Kardashian clan, whose versatility and creativity appear to know no limits. Kim, Kourteney and Khloe are , off-the-wall look, and now they`re passing on their distinctive style in a range of trinkets which will go on sale next spring. The collection, which will tiffany & co atlas collection numerical set e rolled out under the uber-cool Los Angeles brand Virgins, Saints and Angels, is sharp, edgy and gripping - much like the Kardashians themselves. Speaking on behalf of her siblings, Kim Kardashian said the design is based on the power of ancient gods and goddesses, and evokes the rags-to-riches romance of their Armenian family history. Those who want to capture a slice of the Kardashians` eastern elegancy will be able to purchase their jewelry in stores such as Blue Bee, Sparkle Fred Segal and Nordstrom, and will find the trinkets extremely reasonably priced.But this jewelry fad`s not just for the younger tiffany blue accessories
; venerated veterans of stage and screen are in on it as well. Just look at ageing beauty Jane Seymour - first a doctor, then a dancer and now a designer of delectable ornamentation.


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