I did not think

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I did not think

Post  shuizhuy on Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:22 am

I did not think

so willing for me to clear the relationship. He took me Qutan father, and even prepared for me the two red pandas. He said: "So your grandfather is the king **! My business for when, with your father do have a few surface of the edge, knowing that he has only drawn red pandas." I am uneasy, do not believe he willing to do Huolei Feng, but I what is there to think twice? I would rather live his fancy my body, willing to take my father's freedom to do business with me. I finally met my father. Silent, pale and losing weight ... ... I put red panda hand it over to him, he frowned at me, look no Yu, the moment, I seemed to see him wearing Armani suits, walking erect and look very arrogant , pressing his face looks like British Gas. "Where did you get these two smoke? Your mother did not tell you I quit smoking?" He pushed me back the cigarette. I do not know what to say. Lack of communication between me and him always! Been a long while, I said: "What would you like? I try to bring you in.." "You do not control me! As long as Coach Outlet Online you take good care of your mother!" He asked me to light: "Your mother is in poor health, one winter is guilty of rheumatism, she will urge you to take medicine on time. "I'm sad, can not think of his mother so loved. I said: "Do not worry. I will take good care of her. Do you have what it Coach Factory Outlet takes, as people notice me, I will try to sent in for you." Suddenly he bitterly: "What do I need? I'm just waiting to settle Mixed can be sentenced to a decision even if the cut set free, and save piecemeal bullied tortured! "I cried. He finally reached to touch my head with me and said: "looks pretty, do you listen to me, I live so long enjoyed the enjoyment of all, I have nothing to regret!'d You, the days will come a long way to go, do not know how do you boil Coach Diaper Bag Outlet down. "I began to cry. He said: "You go back. Do not see me next time. Instead of me worried!" He stood up and took me out to indicate discipline. I will not go away, he advised me: "You see, you at an early age is so stubborn! Girl some of the best gentle, obedient some general good!" I suddenly heard into the heart to go. Previously,


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