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Coach Outlet Online half the Songjiang Incubation

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Coach Outlet Online half the Songjiang Incubation
there is Coach Outlet Online half the Songjiang Incubation of. In high school, puppy love is still a very sensitive topic, especially in four provinces in the focus of this high school. If the change for vocational high school or private institutions, might not be a concern. There, the students love it is not unusual. Chen Mengyan for no reason does not want to be misunderstood, pointing at the back. They go near the school snack is a street, last, and Zhao Ying Yang Ming to go. Now or during the day, these snacks are generally not open the door until it opened at 45 o'clock, and then run a night. Snacks on a street during the day, are some stall selling merchandise hawkers. They wander aimlessly, Yang Ming is a Gentleman, not to buy anything, just wanted to, and Chen Mengyan stay longer. Two people have been very conversational, and Yang Ming Chen Mengyan talk from time to time gave some to see the joke in the network, the Chen Mengyan amused Huazhiluanchan, do not feel the cold field. Yang Ming is very satisfied with the current situation. Two people together, what is important is not as poor, but a topic! Otherwise, sooner or later finished. "Yang Ming, wait for me." Chen Mengyan see the roadside stalls were selling small accessories, eyes brightened, stop there.Yang Ming smiled, it seems girls like these things ah! Yang Ming from the normal behaviors can be seen, Chen Mengyan family conditions are very good, never thought she would at the roadside stalls to buy things! Immediately quick entrance, and Chen Mengyan have not come out while shopping with. Last month, the first clamp your favorite broken, and had no time to Coach Poppy buy new, have been replaced with a rubber band. Have the opportunity right now, Chen Mengyan wanted to choose Shunbian Mai 2. But for Chen Mengyan is his favorite girl, Yang Ming the verge of runaway! Mana head and clamp the election could be so much! However, Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan can spend more than the moment is the moment, how could he oppose it! Accompanied his girlfriend to Coach Factory Outlet see several other men are and their stand aside as silly, Yang Ming, I found it a little psychological balance. Finally, Chen Mengyan 1000 pick and chose to compare to compare to the pick up two first clamp: "Yang Ming, you say what the two which look good?" Girls buy things, if there are friends around, they always like to find someone to staff about. "All kind of nice! In fact, you already natural beauty, these things can only be icing on the cake too!" Said Yang Ming, not that such a perfunctory, one to clamp the two heads really are good, and secondly, Chen Mengyan not dress up too shiny. "Glib, do not ask you! A useful no!" Chenmeng Yan Yang Ming, a white, but the heart was very happy. Which girl does not like praise too! In fact, Chen Mengyan are both very in love, Yang Ming, chief of staff to find what is just used to Bale. "The two I have, and how much?" Chen Mengyan head clamp show it the stall holders to see. "The 15, the 20 total is 35!" Stall holders looked at the hands of the clamp Chenmeng Coach Factory Store Yan said. "How so expensive ah!" Chen Mengyan complained. "Not expensive, little girl, you look at the top are Xiang stones, and using a green adhesive and, the water will not fall off!" Explained dizzy. "30 now!" Chen Mengyan thought quoted a price he can accept. Yang Ming Chen Mengyan's move a little surprised that he had thought that like her family and a good girl, there will be a lot of pocket money certainly did not expect her to spread also to buy things like bargain! This is very pleased to Yang Ming, Yang Ming thought is Coach Factory Outlet Online that if in the future Chenmeng Yan became his girlfriend, that spending will certainly be a lot, it now appears, Chen Mengyan not lavish the kind of person! "This ... ... Well! This Coach Factory is not the big money!" Said a straight face suffering dizzy. Chen Mengyan see stall holders agreed, happy to pocket money or. But dig a few faces had changed, hearts underground passage: broken! Getting dressed yesterday forgotten the money when the package came! To test this morning because his father was afraid he was late, they drove themselves to school! Over, not to mention shopping, and had to walk home while the! Ah how do can be the key to the immediate, the price is about right, if they do not, stand owners will certainly not want to! That time if a few nasty words on their own may embarrassed about! But how to do it now can, Chen Mengyan a bite, the decision or the "I do not want a" speak out the words, big deal was damaged a few!


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