Oh, Margaret; do you know Jem came

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Oh, Margaret; do you know Jem came

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Oh, Margaret; do you know Jem came

here one night when I were put out, and cross. Ob, dear! dearl I could bite my tongue out when I think on it. And he told me how he loved me, and I thought I did not love tiffany bracelets him, and tiffany pendants I told him I didn't; and, Margaret, he believed me, and went away so sad, and so angry; and now I'd do any thing, I would indeed," her sobs choked the end of her sentence. Margaret looked at her with sorrow, but with hope; for she had no doubt in her own mind, tiffany rings that it was only a temporary estrangement.
"Tell me, Margaret," said Mary, taking her apron down from her eyes, and looking at Margaret with eager anxiety, "What can I do to bring him back to me?
tiffany necklaces Should I write to him?"
"No," replied her friend, "that would not do. Men are so queer, they like to have a' the courting to themselves."
"But I did not mean to write him a courting letter," said Mary, somewhat indignantly.
"If you wrote at all, it would be to give him a hint you'd taken the rue, and would be very glad to have him now. I believe now he'd rather find that out himself."
"But he won't try," said Mary, sighing. "How can he find it out when he's at Halifax? "
"If he's a
tiffany cuff link will he's a way, depend upon it. And you would not have him if he's not a will to you, Maryl No, dear!" changing her tone from the somewhat hard way in which sensible people too often speak, to the soft accents of tenderness which come with such peculiar grace from them; "you must just wait and be patient. You may depend upon it, all will end well, and better than if you meddled in it now."
"But it's so hard to be patient," pleaded Mary.
"Ay, dear; being patient is the hardest work we, any on us, have to do through life, I take it. Waiting is far more difficult than doing. I've known that about my sight, and many a one has known it in watching the sick; but it's one of God's lessons we all must learn, one way or another." After a pause. " Have ye been to see his mother of late ? "
"No; not for some weeks. When last I went she was so frabbit with me, that I really thought she wish'd I'd keep away."


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