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would you rather

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would you rather

" Well, which would you rather have, that jar, or a pair of shoes ? I will buy eitherfor you."" Dear mamma, I thank youbut if you could buy both ?"" No, not both."" Then the jar, if you please."" But I tell you, that I shall not give you another pair of shoes this month."" This month!that's a very longtime indeed! You can't think how these hurt me: I believe I'd better have the new shoesbut yet, that purple flowerpotOh, indeed, mamma, these shoes are not so very, MBT Shoes Sale very bad; MBT Trainers I think I might wear them a little longer; tory burch sale and the month will soon tory burch shoes be over; I can make them last till the end of the month; can't Idon't you think so, mam ma ?"" My dear; I want you to think for yourself; you will have time enough to consider about it, whilst I speak to Mr. Sole about my clogs." Mr.Sole was by this time at leisure, and whilst her mother was talking to him, Rosamond stood thinking, by her side, with one shoe on, and the other in her hand." Well,my dear, have you decided?"" Mamma!yesI believeif you please, I should like the flowerpot; that is, if you won't think me very silly, mamma.'u Why, as to that, I can't promise you, Rosamond ; but, when you are to judge for yourself, you should choose what would make yoij the happiest ; and then it would not signify who thought you silly."a Then, mamma, if that's all, I'm sure the flowerpot would make me the happiest," said she, putting on her old shoe again;" so I choose the flowerpot."" Very well, you shall have it; tie your shoe, and come home."Rosamond tied her shoe, and ran after her mother ; it was not long before the shoe came down at the heel, and many times was she obliged to stop to take the stones out of her shoe, and often was she obliged to hop with pain. When they came to the shop with the large window, Rosamond was delighted, to hear her mother desire the servant, who was with them, to buy the purple jar, and to bring tory burch outlet it home. He had other errands, so he did L not go home with Rosamond and ber mother.As soon as they got into the house, Rosamond ran to gather all her own flowers, which she had in a corner of her mother's garden." I'm afraid they'll be dead Wore the flowerpot comes, Rosamond," said MBT her mother to her, when she was coming in with the flowers in her apron."No, mamma, it will tory burch flats come very soon, MBT Shoes I dare say;rand shan't I be very happy, potting them into the purple flowerpot ?"


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