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mean something

means something; but the words tmaH or great, otoly mean something when joined ta other tirords. A smaU dog, or, means a dog.smaHer, or greater, than dogs commonly are. Small And gnat, are relative terms. This butterfly is large, compared with other butterflies. You cannot distinguish one animal from another species, by calling it large, or small. You cannot distinguish a hor&e by its colour. There are white, black, and red horses. Look at the feet of quadrupeds; are they alike?C. No; some have claws, others hate thick horny feet.F. Such feet are hoofs. MBT Shoes The feet which ale parted, somewhat like MBT Shoes Sale fingers, are digitated. Hie cat and dog have digitated feet.Quadrupeds are divided into hoofed,!and digitated. To which division does the horse belong?C. He is hoofed.F.There are many kinds of horses; some apt much biggerthan a large dog; did you ever.see a horse that was not hoofed ?C. NeverP. Should a stranger tell you, Sir, horses are hoofed in this country; mine, where they are differently fed and treated, they have claw Should you believe MmC. No; because, in that case, the animal scribed by the tftratyge would tory burch flats not be a horse.F. An is hoofed, and so is a hog. Whaf sort of hoof has tb? horse?C. It is round, and all in one piece.F. Is that of a hog MBT so?C. No; it is divided. A horse then is not only hoofed, bat whole hoofed. How many quadrupeds do yon think there are in the world, that are whole hoofed ? tory burch shoes I don't know. There MBT Trainers are only three, (hat we are acquainted wKh.The horse, the ass, and the zebra.'How do you distinguish the horse from the ass ? P. By the ears, mane, and tale. The ass has long clumsy ears; the horse has small, upright ears; the ass has hardly any manethe horse's mane is full, and flowing; the ass has a few hairs upon bis tail; the horse has a long bushy tail. Tell me; what is a horse ?A horse is an animal of the quadruped kind; whole hoofed; with short, erect ears, a flowing mane, and a taft covered with long hairs.F. No other animal resembles tory burch sale him in these particulars.You have given a definition of a horse. C. What is a definition F. A definition relates what belongs to one tiring, and not to any other thing.When you tell all that belongs to a thing, you may ,tell something in which it is like other tory burch outlet things.


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