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The following extracts are furnished by Major Denham : "While I was jeans outlet thus employed, Maramy came galloping up, saying that he had found three very large elephants, grazing to the southeast, close to the water ; when he came within a few hundred yards of them, all the persons on foot, and my servant on a mule, were ordered to halt, while four of us. who were mount ed, rode up to these stupendous animak.The Shiekh's people began screeching violently ; and although, at first, the elephants appeared to treat our approach with contempt, yet they cheap jeans soon moved off, erecting their ears, and giving a roar to at shook the ground under us. One was an immense fellow, I should suppose sixteen feet high; the other two were females, and movea way rather quickly, while the male kept in the rear, as if to guard their retreat. We wheeled swiftly round him; and Maramy casting a spear at him, which struck him just under the tail, and seemed to give him about as much pain as when we prick our finger with a pin the huge beast threw up his proboscis in the air with a loud roar, and from it cast such a volume of sand, that, unprepared as I was for such an event, nearly blinded me. skinny outlet The elephant will sometimes rush upon a man and horse, and after choking them with dust, will destroy them in an instant.As we had cut him off from following his companions, he took the direction leading to where we had left the mule and the footmen; they quickly fled in all directions, and my man Columbus was so alarmed, that he did not get the better of it for the whole day. We pressed the elephant now vigry close, riding before, behind, and on each side of him; and his lo6k G-star outlet sometimes, as he turned his head, had the effect of instantly checking the speed of my horse; his pace never exceeded a clumsy rolling walk, but was sufficient to keep our horses in a short gallop. I gave him a ball from each barrel of my gun, at about fifty yards distance; but the first, which struck him on the body, failed in making the least impression. After giving him another spear, which flew off his tough hide without exciting the least sensation, we left him to his fate.


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