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If it is true, as has been affirmed, that the elephant lives two hundred years, and that he begets when he is one hundred and twenty years old, each couple brings forth forty young in that space of time. Besides, having nothing to fear from other animals, and little even skinny outlet from men, who take them with great difficulty, the species has not decreased, and is generally dispersed in all the southern parts of Africa and Asia.From time immemorial, the Indians made use of elephants in war. Amongst those nations unacquainted with the European military discipline, they were the best troops of their armies; and as long as battles were decided by mere weapons, they commonly vanquished. Yet, we see in history, that the Greeks and Romans used themselves soon to those monsters of war; they opened their ranks to let them go thiough; they did not attempt to wound them, hut threw all their darts against their leaders, who were forced to surrender, and to calm the elephants when separated from their troops; and now that fire is become the element of war, and the principal instrument of death, the elephants, who are afraid of the noise and the fire of the those regions, however, where our cannons G-star outlet and murdering arts are yiet<SC&RCELY all href="" cheap jeans .and followed by a great number of these animals richly caparisoned, and covered with the richest stuffs. On comparing the relations of travellers and historians, it appears that elephants are more numerous in Africa than in Asia; they are there also less mistrustful, not so wild, and, as if they knew the unskilfulness and the little power of the men with whom they have to deal in this part of jeans outlet the world, come every day without fear to their habitations.


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