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they fetter his legs and his trunk, they bring two or three tame elephants, led by dexterous men, and try to tie them with the wild elephant, and at last, by dint of dexterity, strength, terror, and caresses, they succeed in taming him in a few days.The elephant, once tamed, becomes the most tractable and the most submissive of all animals; he conceives an affection for his leader, he caresses him, and seems to guess G-star outlet whatever can please him. In a little time he understands the signs, and even the expression of sounds; he distinguishes the^toneof command, that of anger or good nature, and acts accordingly. He never mistakes the words of his master. He receives his orders with attention, executes them with prudenceAnd\eiigerness, without precipitation ; for his motions are always measured, and his character seems to participate of the gravity of his body. He is easily taught to bend the knee to assist those who will ride on his back. Yfe caresses his friends with his trunk, and salutes with it the persons he is~ directed to take notice of. He makes use of it to lift burdens, and helps to load himself. He has no aversion to being clothed, and seems to skinny outlet delight in a golden htymess or magnificent trappings. He is easily put to the traces of carts, and draws ships upon occasion. He draws evenly, without stopping, or any cheap jeans marks of dislike, provided he is not insulted by jeans outlet unseasonable correction; and provided his driver seems to be thankful for the spontaneous exertion of his strength. His leader is mounted on his neck, and makes use of an iron rod, crooked at the end, with which he strikes him gently on the head to make him tusq or increase his pace. But often a word is sufficient, especially if he has had time to make himself well acquainted with his leader, and has a confidence in him. His attachment is sometimes so strong and so lasting, and his affection so great, that commonly he refuses to serve under any other person ; and he is known to have died of grief for having in anger killed his governor.


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