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It is difficult to frighten them, as they are little susceptible of fear; nothing can stop them but fireworks, and crackers, thrown amongst them, the sudden effect of which, often repeated, forces them sometimes to turnback. It is very difficult to part them, for they commonly attack their enemies all together, proceed unconcerned, or turn back.The female elephant goes two years with young ; she only brings forth one at a time, which has teeth as soon as brought forth. He is then larger than a boar; yet his tusks are not visible, they appear soon after, and at six months old are some inches in length; at that age, the elephant is larger than an ox, and the tusks continue to increase till he is advanced in years.It is very easy to tame the elephant. But there is no domestic elephant that has not been wild before. G-star outlet The manner of taking, taming, and bringing them into submission, deserves particular attention. In the middle of forests, and in the vicinity of the places which they frequent, a large space is chosen, and encircled with palisadoes; the strongest trees of the forest serve instead of stakes, to which cross pieces of timber are fastened, which support the other stakes; a man may easily pass through this palisado; there is cheap jeans another great opening, through which the elephant may go in, with a trap hanging over it, or a gate which is shut behind him. To bring him to that inclosure, he must be enticed by a skinny outlet tame female, jeans outlet ready to take the male; and when her leader thinks she is near enough to be heard, he obliges her to indicate by her cries the condition she is in. The wild male answers immediately, and begins his march to join her: she repeats her call now 36 and then, and arrives first to the first inclosure, where the male, following her track, enters through the same gate. As soon as he perceives himself shut up, his ardor vanishes, and when he discovers the hunters, he becomes furious. They throw at him ropes with a running knot to stop him;


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