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As they have an exquisite sense of smell, perhaps more perfect than any other animal, owing to the large extent of their nose, they smell a man at a great distance, and could easily follow him by the track. These animals are fond of the banks of rivers, deep valleys, shady places, and marshy grounds; they cannot subsist a jeans outlet long while without water, and they make it thick and muddy before they drink. They often fill their trunks with it, either to convey it to their mouth, or only to cool their nose, and to amuse themselves in sprinkling it around them. They cannot support cold, and suffer equally from excessive heat; for, to avoid the burning rays of the sun, they penetrate into the thickest forests. They also bathe often in the water; the enormous size of their body is rather an advantage to them in swimming, and they do not swim so deep in the water skinny outlet as other animals; besidesthe length of their trunk, which they erect, and' through which they breathe, takes from them all fear of being drowned.Their common food is roots, herbs, leaves, and young branches; they also eat fruit and corn, but they have a dislike to flesh and fish. When one of them finds abundant pasture, he calls the others, and invites them to come and feed with him. As they want a great quantity of fodder, they often change their place, and when they find cultivated lands, they make a prodigious waste; their bodies being 6f an enormous weight, they destroy ten times more with their feet, than they consume for their food, which may be reckoned at the rate of one hundredfcnt! lifty Jlbnds of grass daily. As they never feed but in great numbers arge territory in about an hour's time;for this reason, the Indian! cheap jeans ami Uae negroes take great pains to prevent their visits, and to G-star outlet drive them a way making a great noise, and great fires; notwithstanding these precautions, however, the elephants often take possession of them, drive away the cattle and men, and sometimes pull down their cottages.


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