The result of Belinda's

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The result of Belinda's

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The result of Belinda's

The result of Belinda's reflections upon lady Delacour's history was a resolution to profit by her bad example; but this resolution it was more easy to form than to keep.Her MBT Shoes ladyship, where she wished to please or to govern, had fascinating manners, and could alternately use the sarcastic powers of wit, and the fond tone of persuasion, to accomplish her purposes. It was Belinda's intention, in pursuance of her new plans of life, to spend, whilst she remained in Lon don, as little money as possible upon superfluities and dress. She had, at her own disposal, only . per annum, the interest of her fortune ; but beside this, her aunt, who was desirous that she should go to court, and make a splendid figure there, had sent her a draught on her banker for two hundred guineas. " You will, I trust," said her aunt, at the conclusion of the letter, " repay me when you are established MBT Shoes Clearance in the world; as I hope and believe, from what I hear from lady Delacour of the power of your charms, you will soon be, to the entire satisfaction of all your friends. Pray do not neglect to mention my friend Clarence Hervey particularly when MBT you write next. I understand from one who is well acquainted with him, and who has actually seen his rentroll, that he has a clear ,. ayear."Belinda resolved neither to go to court, nor to touch her aunt's two hundred guineas; and she wrote a long letter to her in which she explained her feelings and views at large. In this letter she meant to have returned Mrs. Stanhope's draught, but her feelings and views changed between the writing of this epistle and the going out of the post. Mrs. Franks, the milliner, came in the interim, and brought home lady Delacour's beautiful dress: it was not the sight of this, however, which changed Belinda's mind ; but she could not resist lady Delacour's raillery.


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