the understanding

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the understanding

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the understanding

When the understanding is suddenly roused and forced to exert itself, what a multitude of deductions it makes in a short time! Belinda saw things in a new MBT Shoes Clearance light; and for the first time in MBT her life she reasoned for herself upon what she saw. and felt. It is sometimes safer for young people to see than to hear of certain characters. At a distance, lady Delacour had appeared to miss Portman the happiest person in the world; upon a nearer view, she discovered that her ladyship was one of the most miserable of human beings. To have married her niece MBT Shoes to such a man as lord Delacour, Mrs. Stanhope would have thought the most fortunate thing imaginable; but it was now obvious to Belinda, that neither the title of viscountess, nor the pleasure of spending three fortunes, could ensure felicity. Lady Delacour confessed, that in the midst of the utmost luxury and dissipation she had been a constant prey to ennui ; that the want of domestic happiness could never be supplied by that public admiration of which she was so ambitious; and that the immoderate indulgence of her vanity had led her, by inevitable steps, into follies and imprudence which had ruined her health, and destroyed her peace of mind. " If lady Delacour, with all the advantages of wealth, rank, wit, and beauty, has not been able to make herself happy in this life of fashionable dissipation," said Belinda to herself, " why should I follow the same course, and expect to be more fortunate ? "It is singular that the very means which Mrs, Stanhope had taken to make a fine lady of her niece tended to produce an effect diametrically opposite to what might have been expected.


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