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The colouring

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The colouringThe colouring substances are burnt sugar, or mo; the latter give to imitative brandy a luscious taste, and fulness in Me mouth These properties are said to render it particularly fit for the retail tory burch outlet JLondon customers. The following is tbe method of compounding ormaking up, m it is technically called brandy fir retaih:liquor with water; the acrimony of the capsicum, and grains of paradise, or pepper may then be readily discovered by the taste.The adulteration of brandy with British molasses, or sugarspirit, becomes evident by rubbing a portion of the suspected brandy between the palm of the hands; the spirit, as it evaporates, leaves the disagreeable flavour which is peculiar to all British spirits. Or the liqour may be deprived of its alcohol, by heating a portion in a spoon over a candle, tory burch flats MBT till the vapour ceases to catch fire on the approach of a lighted taper. The residue thus obtained, of genuine French brandy, possesses a vinous odour, still resembling the original flavour of the brandy, whilst the residue, produced from sophisticated brandy, has a peculiar disa greeable smell, resembling gin, or the breath of habitual drunkards.Arrack is coarsely imitated by adding to rum a tory burch saleMBT Shoes Cookery Book, the Cook's Oracle, d edition, p. , directs MBT Shoes Clearance two scruples of benzoic acid to be dissolved in one quart of rum, to make " mock arrack."Malt spirit, or gin, the favourite liquor of the lower order of people, which is cha? racterized by the peculiar flavour of juniper berties, over which the raw spirit is is usually obtained from tory burch shoes a mixture of mall and barley: sometimes both molasses and Corn are employed, particularly if there be a scarcity of grain.


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