The right honourable the chancellor

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The right honourable the chancellor

Post  bokencn on Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:44 am

The right honourable the chancellor of the exchequer had not explained to the committee two very essential points. If this household was to be established in the custody of the queen, when was the tiffany sale provision which he spoke tiffany outlet of as being necessary for the state of the regent to be made, and what was to be the extent of it ? This ought to have been mentioned. In his mind, the civil list would prove amply sufficient, both for the provision to the queen, in her care of the king's person, and also for the state of the regent, if this ridiculous and absurd scheme was not pursued. Upon this occasion, said Mr. Fox, it tiffany&co might perhaps be a matter of delicacy to state the opinion of his royal highness, but he knew the sentiments of his royal highness to be, that it would be highly irksome to him in the present melancholy and calamitous situation of the country, to add any new burdens, for the purpose of increasing the state and dignity of his own situation. He added, that perhaps it was not perfectly regular for him to state this; but as he knew it to be the tiffany co sentiment of his royal highness, tiffany jewellery and did not consider the observation as improper, tiffany rings he had mentioned it to the committee. The other point upon which he wished for information, was the ideas of the right honourable gentleman, whether these restrictions were to have a limited duration, and what he should think the proper time for tiffany their expiration. In conclusion, Mr. Fox expressed his certainty, that when the pnblic came to view the whole of this scheme, and to compare it with that fourth estate, of which tiffany and co outlet they had heard so much, they would see that the present one contained all the mischiefs that were only attributed to the other, and that it was in truth calculated to confer a favour inconsistent with the good government of the country.


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