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tanta hermosura

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tanta hermosura

En aver criado Dios con tanta hermosura el cielo y la tierrq,guedo ordenada su celestial Corte de divinas Hierarchias; mas reyno tanto la ingratitud en uno de los Cortesanos, viendose tan Undo y hello, y en mas eminente lugar que los Uemas (segun Theodoreto) que quiso emparejar con el Altissimo, y subir al Aquilon, formando para esto una quadrilla de sus confidentes y parciales.With this sentence Fr. Marco de Guadalajara y Xavierr begins his account of the Memorable Expulsion, y justissimo destierro de los Moriscos de Espaita.The marriage.The description of the marriage service is taken from Dr. Kings work upon " the Rites and Ceremonies of the Greek Church in Russia." " In all the offices of the Greek Church," he says, " there is not perhaps a more curious service than this of matrimony, nor any which carries more genuine marks of antiquity; as from the bare perusal of it may be seen, at one view, most of the ceremonies which antiquarians have taken great pains to ascertain." It agrees very closely with the ritual given by Martene, De Antiquis Ecclesia Ritibus, t. ii. In these ceremonies," The which do endless matrimony make," the parties are jimmy choo shoes betrothed to each other " for their salvation,".. " now and for ever, even unto ages of ages."The Antenave.The IlpovaocThe coronalsComposed of all sweet flowers." Formerly these crowns were garlands made of flowers or shrubs; but now there are generally in all churches crowns of silver, or other metals, kept for that purpose."Dr. Kings A certain crown of flowers used jimmy choo uggs in marriages," says the excellent Bishop Heber, (writing from the Carnatic,) " has been denounced to me as a device of Satan! And a gentleman has just written to complain that the Danish Government of Tranquebar will not allow him to excommunicate some young persons for wearing jimmy choo masks, and acting, as it appears, in a Christmas mummery, or at least in some private rustic theatricals. If this be heathenish, Heaven help the wicked!


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