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the relation

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the relation

But we, who have heard the relation of this dreadful thing, praiafe the Almighty Lord our God, and adore die greatness of his works, that he hath protected the virgin Maria in her holy intention of leading a single life, and hath taken her mother out of poverty, affording liberally to them both for their support and maintenance, and hath delivered her also from the fear of sin, avoiding the transgression of the oath, which had passed between Maria the virgin and her enemy Anthemius, by annull ing it. For the Lord brought these things to pass beforethe fifteen days, which were the appointed time between them, had elapsed. Wherefore we may say with the Evangelist, Our Lord hath done all tilings welL Nor hath he jimmy choo shoes suffered the suppliant, who seeks him in penitence, to perish; for he saith, I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Let us, therefore, continue tp intreat him, that we may be protected by his Almighty hand, and may be delivered from all the devices of the Devil, jimmy choo uggs and that, being aided by the prayers of the Saints, we may be worthy to attain the kingdom of Heaven. To the Lord our God. belong all honour and glory and adoration, now and always, for ever and ever. Amen."The Greeks appear to have delighted in fictions of this peculiar kind. The most extravagant of such legends is that of St. Justina and St. Cyprian, which Martene and Durand present as a veritable history, censuring Bishop Fell for treating it as fabulous! It is much too long for insertion in this place, but it would be injured by abridging it. The reader may find it in the Thesaurus Novus Anecdotvrum, t. iii. p There on the everlasting ice His dolorous throne wasplaced.It was the jimmy choo north of Heaven that Lucifer, according to grave authors, attempted to take by storm.


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