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When the man

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When the manWhen the man of God, the Bishop, heard this, he threw himself upon the ground, and lay there beside Anthemius, weeping and praying to the Lord. Then, after a long while, rising, he roused Anthemius, and said to him, verily, son, I dare not again purify by baptism a man who hath been already baptized, for among Christians there is no second baptism, except of tears. Yet do not thou despair of thy salvation, nor of the divine mercy, but rather commit thyself to God, praying and humbly beseeching him for all the remainder of thy life; and God, jimmy choo uggs who is good and merciful, may render back to thee the writing of thy abjuration, and moreover forgive thee that impiety, as he forgave the ten thousand talents to the debtor in the Gospel. Hope not to find a better way than this, for there is no other to be found.He then being persuaded thus to do, and having obtained the Bishops prayers, went his way, weeping and groaning for the sin which he had committed; and having returned home, he jimmy choo sold all his goods, and set at liberty all his people, both men servants and maid jimmy choo shoes servants, giving them also of his possessions, and the rest of his goods he distributed to the churches, and to the poor, secretly, by the hand of a faithful servant Moreover, he gave three pounds of gold to the mother of that Virgin, with the love of whom the Demon, to his own destruction, had inflamed him, having placed them in a certain church, saying, t( I beseech ye pray to God for me a sinner: I shall never again trouble you, nor any other person; for I depart I know not whither to bewail the wickedness of my deeds. Thus this man did,.. and from that time he was seen no more, casting himself wholly upon the mercy of God, to which none who hath betaken himself can perish."


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