Birkenstock Shoes in the sight of the sharks

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Birkenstock Shoes in the sight of the sharks

Post  cora521 on Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:02 am

Birkenstock Shoes in the sight of the sharks
" Three days now passed away in intolerable torments. We had become so careless of life, that we bathed even, which were swimming round the raft; others were not afraid to place themselves naked on the forepart of the machine, which was then entirely under water; and though it was exceed¬ingly dangerous, it had the effect of taking away their thirst. On the 16th July, eight of us resolved on trying to reach the coast, to which
Birkenstock Outlet we imagined ourselves to be Birkenstock now very near; for this purpose we nailed some boards across a few spars, which we separated from the raft, fitted it with a mast and a sail, and made oars of barrel-staves; a certain portion of. the wine remaining, which consisted but of fifteen bottles in all, was to be given to us, and our de¬parture was fixed for the next day. Our ma¬chine being finished, however, it was necessary to try if she was able to bear us. A sailor went upon it, when it immediately upset, and showed us the rashness of our design; we therefore gave it up, resolving to wait upon the raft for the approach of death; Birkenstock Sandals which, unless we were immediately relieved, could not be very distant, our stock of wine being so low, and our disgust at the loathsome food we ate hourly increasing."On the morning of the 17th July the sun shone brightly, the sky appearing without a cloud; we addressed our prayers to God, and distributed the rations of wine. While each person was taking his portion, a captain of in¬fantry discovered a ship in the horizon, and with a shout of joy informed us of it. We saw that it was a brig, but at such a distance that we could discern no more than the tops Birkenstocks of her masts. It is impossible to describe the joy which we felt at the sight; each looked upon his delivery as certain, and returned repeated thanks to God. Still, in the midst of these hopes we were apprehensive that we should not be seen. We straightened some hoops, and fast¬ened some handkerchiefs of different colors to the end. We then united our efforts, and raised a man to the top of the mast, who waved these flags.


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