The morning of the fifth day dawned

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The morning of the fifth day dawned

Post  cora521 on Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:59 am

The morning of the fifth day dawned

and revealed the slaughter that had taken place. Since the previous morning, eighteen had, by one Birkenstock means or other, perished, and their number was now reduced to thirty. Among the dead were five sailors, whom the officers deeply Birkenstock Sandals la¬mented Birkenstock Sandals ; for they were trustworthy and tracta¬ble. Of the thirty who remained alive on the raft, only twenty could stand upright or move about. The sea-water had stripped the skin from the feet and legs of nearly the whole, Birkenstocks and every one was in a state of deplorable emacia¬tion. If no vessel came to their assistance, Birkenstock Shoes they did not expect to survive more than four days, for there was wine only for that time, and scarcely a dozen fish. The Birkenstock Outlet fifth day passed over in melancholy mood; night came, and still there was no relief. The sixth day passed, and so did the succeeding night, in a condition equally dis¬consolate. The seventh day was more eventful. Two soldiers were discovered drinking wine clandes¬tinely from the cask, by means of a pipe. As this had been declared to be a crime punishable with death, they were immediately seized, and thrown into the sea. One of them was a ser¬geant, who had fomented the last conspiracy, and had contrived to escape detection; his fate, therefore, did not cause any regret. In the course of the day died also the young boy, Leon, to whom M. Coudin had shown so much kindness. Exhausted from hunger, and delir¬ious, he could no longer support the dreadful fatigues to which he was exposed. Before his death, his mind took the direction of his home in France; he thought his mother was near him, and till the last he cried to her for food and water. He died in the arms of his kind friend, M. Coudin. The party were now reduced to twenty-seven; of these, twelve were so ill that there was no hope of their surviving even a few days; they had almost entirely lost their reason, and were covered with wounds; nevertheless an equal ra¬tion of the declining quantity of wine was served out to them. A consultation was now held respecting these unfortunate beings. It was represented that, as they could not possibly sur¬vive, and as their consumption of wine was daily diminishing the stock, already too low, it would


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