Fishing in short proved an unavailing resource

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Fishing in short proved an unavailing resource

Post  cora521 on Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:55 am

Fishing in short proved an unavailing resource

and when it was abandoned as hopeless, some tried to feed on the dead bodies of their com¬panions, while others gnawed the soldiers' belts and cartridge-boxes. Fortunately the day was calm. The sun shone placidly on the face of the deep. Amidst the torments of hunger, therefore, hope again stole across the minds of the most desponding. They expected to see the boats make their appearance on the horizon, and with fainting eyes they looked forth to catch the first token of deliverance. Noon passed, the sun sunk beneath the world of waters, Birkenstock Shoes and yet relief came not. The gloom and misery of another night presented themselves. This night was less terrible than the preced¬ing. The weather was calm, and there was no new mutiny on board. In the darkness, noth¬ing was heard but the groans and sobs of the sufferers, intermingled with the gurgling of the sea between the planks. The silence, broken by such sounds, was perhaps more appalling than Birkenstock the raging of the tempest. When the morning of the fourth day dawned on the spec¬tral scene, it showed the dead bodies of twelve persons, who had expired during the night; and all these, with the exception of one, were thrown Birkenstock Sandals into the sea. The number on board was now reduced to forty-eight.This day passed like the preceding. The weather continued fine, and despondency again gave way to feelings of hope. About four o'clock in the afternoon a joyful event occurred. A shoal of flying-fish passed under the raft, and a great number got entangled in the spaces between the timbers. All threw themselves eagerly upon them, and captured about two hundred, which they placed in an empty cask, removing only the milts. These fish were about the size Birkenstocks of a herring, and, to men who were famishing, they were delicious. Several of the party returned thanks to God for the relief. To render the fish fit for eating, an attempt was made to boil Birkenstock Outlet them by means of a barrel, which served as a pot; fire being procured by a flint, steel, and a little dried gunpowder. This was the last meal they were able to cook, for the barrel took fire; and though it was soon extin¬guished, they were not able to save as much of it as would answer the purpose again. There was also no more gunpowder.


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