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The advantageThe advantage

Post  skechers on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:55 pm

The advantage

The advantage of a duck gun is, that it will carry large shot more compactly, and may be fired with double or treble the charge for a piece of an ordinary size. -You are therefore enabled to use the largest shot, with the same advantage, that No. 7 may be fired from a double gun; by which means, at a large object, you may kill considerably farther; and, in a flock, many more birds at a shot.
In comparing small shot from a double gun, as having the same advantage over large, that a pin, with a moderate pressure, would have over
MBT Shoes Clearance a nail, in piercing the feathers of game, by the same argument it may be said, that large shot, from a duck gun, would have the effect of the nail driven by jimmy choo uggs a hammer through the strong bones and feathers of wildfowl. A large gun, to carry twice as much
as a small one (say three or four ounces), should not weigh less than 12, nor exceed 16lbs. and be
MBT Shoes used with No. 1 or 2 shot; and the same proportion of powder as before recommended. One to carry five or six ounces, should not weigh less than 18, nor exceed 20lbs., and be used with A or B shot; and so on in proportion; but this is the most that can well be fired with¨out a rest.
The recoil of a duck gun can only be checked by weight of metal, and there are two ways to dis¨pose of it: the one,
jimmy choo immense thickness, whereby the gun may be short, portable, and easily ma¨naged; and the other, considerable length, by which you may kill farther, and take a much more accurate aim. The former is the plan of Mr. Joseph Manton, the latter of Mr. D. Egg: and, in order to partake a little of both advan¨tages, I should steer between the two, and MBT have my barrels never less than three feet eight, nor more than four feet four inchesunless I used a rest; by which means a gun being top heavy is rendered quite the reverse of objectionable. In this case, I should adopt the plan jimmy choo shoes of Mr. D. Egg, as the best in every respect.


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