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Post  skechers on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:54 pm

to hawksAnd, with regard to hawks and other mischievous birds, these underlings MBT Shoes have only to keep a sharp look out, in the breed¬ing season, to find their nests, and then take the head keeper, or some one proper to be jimmy choo trusted with a gun, to shoot them.
In case it should be MBT considered unsafe for
keepers to go their nightly rounds without fire arms, I should rather recommend the use of pistols than guns, though I have little doubt but a fierce dog, and a sabre or a bludgeon, would ef¬fectually answer the purpose of defence against poachers.
The real way to keep up a good stock of game, we may rest assured, is, first, to be well guarded against such incursions as jimmy choo uggs those previ¬ously alluded to. Secondly, to get the poachers watched jimmy choo shoes at their own houses, by concealing peo¬ple during the night, near both their front and back doors; also to have, up the road, an eye MBT Shoes Clearance on the stage coaches; and, above all, some spies over the waggoners, who are often their very employers, and who are enabled to smuggle to London, both your game and poultry, not only better concealed, than if sent by the coach, but in much greater quantities. Thirdly, to keep on good terms with the farmers, who, it should be remembered, have a right to tread on their own ground, though the nest of a partridge or pheasant be under their feet!
In a few words, a gentleman, who, living on his estate, is liberal and popular with his neigh¬bours, his tenants, and the poor, will seldom have much difficulty in preserving his rights of every kind. Few will be disposed to infringe on them, while every one is ready to offer assist¬ance for their protection. But, on the other hand, the tyrant, hated and despised by all, when shot over by day, poached on by night, or even robbed of his property, becomes only the laughing-stock of his villagers, who would per¬haps rather succour than inform against the offenders!


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