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widely distributed

Post  skechers on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:54 pm

widely distributed

Keepers should be as widely distributed as possible, by which means a marauder would have some difficulty to steer clear of them all; but these men (like markers) are too apt MBT Shoes Clearance to get idling and chattering together, instead of mind¬ing their business. Each game keeper would do well to hare with him a witness, for which, any common labourer would be sufficient; and, above all, a MBT Shoes spy glass, by which he would most likely be able to distinguish any man, who might beat him by being longer in the legs than himself, or having a horse which was a better fencer than his own; and who he may, by this means, be able to recognise hereafter, so as to find him out, and serve him with notices. A few words more, with regard to game keepers : Be careful how you trust any of them MBT with guns, under the pretence of their killing ver¬min ; for it is an undoubted fact, that many of those, who are considered very honest men by their employers, are yet so much the contrary, that they will take every opportunity to destroy game, when not under the immediate observa tion of their master.' For instance — a game keeper is in a covert: he fires his gun, and pockets a-pheasant or< a partridge, or kills a hare and conceals it: iris master, who is perhaps not out of* hearing of the gun, comes up and says—
"John, what did'you shoot at?
hawk, sir,", replies the trusty guardian of the preserves. " Did you kill it, John?" " Oh, no, sir, he was too far off; but I'm sure I properly peppered him." Where
jimmy choo uggs is he now?" " Lord bless you, sir, he's been out of sight these five minutes}"
Be.very cautious whom you trust with fowl¬ing pieces-they are not so often required, as keepers would wish to persuade you they are; and do not be led away with the mistaken notion, that it will be a protection to your game, to have a dozen fellows running about with guns in their hands. It may be asked, How then are the ya- rioua kinds of vermin to be destroyed? To which I would answer, that, if a keeper cannot effect this by means of traps, .gins, poison, and the various other artifices, he is by no means
jimmy choo qua¬lified for his place.


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