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to perpetuate

to perpetuate the jimmy choo two memorable ağras of Rome, the foundation of the' city, and that of the republic, and to restore, during the human license of the
Saturnalia, the primitive equality of mankind. Some idea may be conceived of the abhorrence of the christians for such impious ceremonies, by
jimmy choo shoes the scrupulous delicacy which they displayed on a much less alarming occasion. On days of general festivity, it was the custom of the ancients to a- dorn their doors with lamps and with branches of laurel, and to crown their heads with a garland of flowers. This innocent and elegant practice might perhaps have been tolerated as a mere civil institution. But it most unluckily happened that the doors were under the protection of the houshold god, that the laurel was sacred to the lover of Daphne, and that garlands of flowers, though frequently worn as a symbol 'either of joy or mourning, had been dedicated in their first origin to the service of superstition. The trembling christians, who were persuaded in this instance to comply with the fashion of their country, and the commands of jimmy choo uggs the magistrate, laboured under the most gloomy apprehensions, from the reproaches of their own conscience, the censures of the church, and the denunciations of divine vengeance.
J[ HE mythological matters contained in this chapter form the basis of a system of religion, which has extended itself over a considerable portion of the globe, and involved witltitt its baneful vortextwo hundred and fifty millions of the hiutan species


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