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long experience

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long experience

another of Es- Culapius, athird of Venus, and a fourth perhaps of Apollo; and that by the advantage of their long experience and aerial nature, they were enabled to execute with sufficient skill and dignity, the parts whish they had undertaken. They lurked in the temples, instituted festivals and sacrifices, invented fables, pronounced oracles, and were frequently allowed to perform miracles. The christians, who by the interposition of evil spirits, could so readily explain ever)' praeterna- tural appearance, were disposed and even desirous to admit the most extravagant fictions of the pagan mythology. But the belief of the christian was accompanied with horror. The most trifling mark of respect to the national worship he considered as a direct homage jimmy choo shoes yielded to the daemon, and as an act of rebellion against the majesty of God.
In consequence of this opinion, it was the first but ardu- ous duty of a christian to preserve himself pure and unde- filed by the practice of idolatry. The religion of the nations was not merely a speculative doctrine professed in the schools or preached in the temples. The innumerable deities and rites of polytheism were closely interwoven with every circumstance of business or pleasure, of public or of private life ; and it seemed impossible to escape the observance of them,
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