The wise and prudent

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The wise and prudent

Post  jacket1123zx on Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:54 pm

The wise and prudent

The wise and prudent, when divested of prejudice and interest, will recur to reason as their safest guide. They must be fairly convinced before they assent to matters of importance. They have no interest in deceiving jimmy choo or in being deceived : they endeavor to avoid the one and guard against the other. They see, they know, and regret, that mankind have beenlong duped and imposed upon. They considerthe inhabitants ofthe whole world asone great family of the deity, and that the precepts necessary for one part extend universally to all. They regret that the pretended holinessof religion isfrequently made a pretext for war. That this idle pretence has quietly excused for the murder of millions of the human race." And truly the Son of Man jimmy choo uggs goeth as it was determined, but woe unto that man by whom he is betrayedThus it was decreed bv God that Jesus should be betrayed by a certain man, and that as a reward for performing the divine will, this man was doomed to eternal punishments. " Those that thou gav- rst me have I kept, and none of them is lost but the son of perm dition, that the scriptures might be fulfilled
BY the success of their malicious contrivances, they at once gratified their own vanity and revenge, and obtained the only comfort of which they were yet susceptible, the hope of involving the human species in the paticipa- tion of their guilt and misery. It was
jimmy choo shoes confessed, or at least it was imagined, that they had distributed among themselves the most important characters of polytheism, one daemon assuming the name and attributes of Jupiter,


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