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The craft

The craft and secrecy practisedby the clergyofRome,served to obscure the avenues of light, to encourage superstition and religious bigotry, and became a lasting source of corruption, imposition and pious fraud. Hence, the Bale of pardons and dispensations, the jimmy choo uggs forgiving of sins, and praying the souls of the dead out of purgatory: besides public worship was at all times administered in a foreign language. None were permitted to read the bible, and to be detected with it, in their known language, was a criminal matter in the people. Hence, they became the ignorant d«fyes,the slaves, and mere 6portof the priests ; and thus the priests became superior to check restraint or responsibility—fraud, tyranny, and imposition appears to have reigned triumphant!
The priviledge of forgiving sin, must have been a most sublime acquisition to these holy fathers. Hence, were they deified by the very means adopted for their lucrative purposes, their lust, and ambition:—" Whosoever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them—and whosoever sins ye retain, they are retainedJphn, xx. 23. The Sovereign Ruler of the universe gave being to man, he called
jimmy choo forth jimmy choo shoes the globe we inhabit, and gave existence to numerous worlds that surround us; directing their order and course, all firmly supported without visible agency or apparent foundation ; yet permanently secure, and free from clashing or confusion.— The author of such wisdom and power could not act inconsistently ; we know that he gave us reason for our guide ; consequently, we cannot know, nor ought we to believe, that he gave us this system of religion which in fact is diametri- - cally opposite to reason.


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