Worldwide Commemoration of Ali Asghar (a.s.): Bab ul-Hawaej

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Worldwide Commemoration of Ali Asghar (a.s.): Bab ul-Hawaej

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Worldwide Commemoration of Ali Asghar (a.s.): Bab ul-Hawaej
He smiled, and the world cried in return


What better evidence is there to reveal the oppression and injustice imposed on Imam Hussayn other than the killing of his infant son? Who can hear about this painful event and not weep in sorrow? Who can truly comprehend the immensity of the tragedy and remain at ease?

We have had the honor of crying out his name and what has happened to him for four years.

The first year: Mahdieh of Tehran: Mothers participated in the ceremony and held their own infants and mourned Ali Asghar's innocence. We asked Allah for a deeper understanding of the Ashoora Movement.

The second year: In addition to Mahdieh of Tehran, the following cities joined us in our services: Qom, Mashhad, Maname (Bahrain), London, Karbala, Najaf, Helleh (Iraq). We raised our hands in prayer for the expansion and acceptance of our actions.

The third year: As well as Mahdieh of Tehran, the ceremony was held in more than 50 cities throughout Iran. In cities such as Karaj, Isfehan, Mashhad, Yazd, Zanjan, Tabriz, Kermanshah, Kashan, Hamedan, Semnan, Shadgan, Mahallat, Urumieh, Ahwaz, and Bandar Abbas, mothers and their infants mourned in memory of the innocence of the precious infant of Imam Hussayn.

The fourth year: With the grace of God, the ceremony took place in Mahdieh of Tehran, Bilal Masjid (IRIB), more than 60 cities in Iran and 37 cities around the world. Mothers around the world held their infants and cried for the same purpose at the same time.

The agenda of the ceremony for the upcoming year is summarized in the following section. We hope that Allah will give us strength and accept our deeds.

- Identifying possible centers for the ceremony
- Preparing the centers in terms of quality and quantity
- Unifying thoughts and motivations
- Activating the potential tendencies for Hussayni actions
- Expressing various aspects of the Ashoora Movement: heroic, emotional and logical
- Raising questions in the minds of free and broad-minded people of the world

What did he do to deserve such a death?!
All of the programs are to begin at the same time, in the same way, with the same goal all over the world.

Every year: the first Friday of Moharram

- When the participating mothers enter with their children, they will be given green Arabian-style clothing for their infants to wear, along with a red headband with “Be ayye zhanben ghotelat”, meaning “For what crime was he killed?”
- The inauguration of the program is a recitation of the Holy Quran (the beginning verses of the Sura Maryam).

Content of speeches:
1. Provoke emotions of the Shia
2. Inspire the feeling of standing up against injustice
3. Lead the way to a comprehension of Imam Mehdi

Content of mourning:
Concentrating the minds and emotions on the oppression Imam Hussayn and his family suffered. The session also concerns the grieving for the cruel loss of the family of the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.).

Accommodations needed for the ceremony:
- 75000 outfits including a green Arabian cover-up and a red headband will be distributed to the locations holding the ceremonies.
- 75 symbolic cradles will be sent to the cities holding the ceremonies.
- Complete television coverage of the ceremony from stations in Iran and abroad will be made possible.
- Coordinating 3000 internet sites to inform the public
- Television teasers in Persian, Arabic, Urdu and English will be produced and broadcast from domestic and foreign channels.
- Over thirty thousand posters and invitations will be distributed.

Accommodations needed for the ceremony:

- In 2003, six thousand children’s outfits, a cradle and a painting 200 meters square were used at Mahdieh of Tehran.
- In 2004, eight thousand children’s outfits, eight cradles and another painting were used. Thirty thousand posters were presented in Persian and Arabic and distributed in Iran and Iraq.
- In 2005 seventy-five thousand children’s outfits, seventy-five symbolic cradles and more than 70 background paintings were distributed.
- In 2007 a hundred thousand children’s outfits, seventy-five symbolic cradles and more than 300 background paintings were distributed. Thirty thousand posters were printed in Persian and Arabic and distributed in Iran and Iraq.
- In 2008, a hundred thousand children’s outfits, 110 symbolic cradles and more than 350 background paintings were distributed.

Worldwide Commemoration of Ali Asghar (a.s.)


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