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Articles - Aliasghar Ibn Hossein

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In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful
Worldwide Commemoration of Ali Asghar (a.s.)
Get together of Hussayni Infants
Large Circles of Hussayni Children

Our rendezvous: the first Friday of every Moharram
Oh Greetings to the Nourrisson!
Oh Greetings to the Son of Hussayn!
Salam upon the slit throat of Ali Asghar

He smiled, and the world cried in return
Author: Hojatol Islam Seyyed Jafar Ghazanfari Khansari, Qom

Among the companions of Imam Hussayn (a. s.), there were various types of people on the day of Ashoora. They all gave a final warning to the people of the world in their own way. Noblemen and servants together, people of different races, even some who joined Imam Hussayn’s side the very morning of Ashoora, hand in hand fought the battle with Imam Hussayn. An old man, an eighteen-year-old, and a six-month-old…
It’s true, in the fight against evil there was an infant who played a significant role. He is the son of Imam Hussayn, Ali Asghar.
In no religion or sect is the permission granted to murder an innocent six-month-old child. In no war or battle has it been documented that an army face a child and slaughter him in his father’s hands. There were many a time when Imam Hussayn could have caused similar pain to the enemy, but this would have been against his principles. He had principles of freedom, liberty, humanity and compassion which would be in opposition to such cruel behavior. But what did a parched six-month-old do to deserve such treatment?

After Ashoora, Mokhtar Thaghafi (p. b. u. h.) sought revenge for the killing of Imam Hussayn (a. s.) and the news spread to Imam Sajjad (a. s.). They told him that Mokhtar rose up and killed all of those who killed your father and his companions; they were all punished for their actions. Imam Sajjad asked about Harmala. His companions asked why he was so interested in Harmala among all the other enemies. He answered: “You don’t know what this Harmala did to us! When my father, Imam Hussayn (a. s.) was holding my small brother in his arms and walking toward the enemy and saying: “Can’t you see how much this child is in need of water?” Like a fish out of water, after a while, it doesn't have energy to move. It can only move its lips, showing its need for water. At this point, even if you give him water, he won't live. He called out to them: “Give Ali Asghar a drop of water so at least he won’t die parched!”
If you are at war with me
Be at war with me
Take my child and give him water
Give him something to drink
Imam Sajjad (a. s.) says: “My father was in the middle of uttering such words when Harmala fired a three-headed arrow towards my brother and slit his precious throat.”
For what crime was he killed?
He is but a child, but he is not small. His hands seem small, but everyone wishes that those hands will help them.
The first Friday of Moharram is named the Worldwide Commemoration of Ali Asghar (a. s.). We are honored to take part in the ceremonies commemorating Ali Asghar (a. s.). We hereby invite all heartbroken mothers to join us with their infants in memory of Imam Hussayn and his infant. Throughout the years, there have been many mothers who have received what their hearts desired due to their presence and support in these ceremonies.


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