Congratulations on Birth Anniversary of Hazrat-e Ali Asghar

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Congratulations on Birth Anniversary of Hazrat-e Ali Asghar

Post  Admin on Fri May 30, 2008 4:21 am

It is 9th day Rajab 60 (AH). Again; Imam Husein (AS)'s house becomes bright and from its small window, sky of Medina has been brighten. A beautiful flower has been sent for Imam Husein (AS) from the heaven. The Almighty God presented another son to Imam Husein (AS).
He called him Ali. Like as his two other sons, he was also called Ali. Imam Husein (AS) stated: "If the Almighty God presents me 1000 sons, I will call all of them as Ali". Yes, he was also Ali. Your name and dignity was higher than sky and more beautiful than morning and brighter than rain.
Hazrat-e Ali Asghar (AS) was the youngest child of Hazrat-e Imam Husain (AS) and Rubab, the daughter of the chief of the tribe of Imraul Qays.
You will take rest in father's kind embrace and his eyes will cries on you. You are the child of Karbala. You are the six months baby of Ashoura (10th day of Muharram). You had come to stay in lovers' caravan. You had come to be a fellow-traveler of Karbala. You had come to make the hajj rituals not to be ended. Your birth put aside the happiness and makes the eyes tearful. You only learnt thirty and martyrdom along your short life. You are the youngest martyr. Peace be upon your high name, oh Ali Asghar.


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